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Garbage Disposal Repair

Tips for Garbage Disposal Repair Technicians in Mount Pleasant, SC


Before contacting a garbage disposal repair technician, make sure you have troubleshoot the problems with the garbage disposal, as many of the issues can be solved yourself. First and foremost, however, you will want to unplug the disposal and never have your hands nearby it when you turn it back on to test it. But once you have reset it a couple of times and cleaned it out repeatedly and it still doesn’t work, you will want to contact a repairman.


If your disposal is under warranty you will want someone to come and check it out and figure out what it will cost to either repair or replace. And if your garbage disposal is not under warranty you will want someone to come out and give you a sense about what is wrong and a quote about what it will cost to replace. If it’s too expensive to fix or replace, then maybe have it removed and the drain replaced. You might have to work without a disposal for a while.

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